This Christmas, it is time to appreciate and share the future of a legend unique in the world, to be upheld by generations to come thanks to the love felt for our surroundings and the unity of all the people who form part of this cooperative.

Leyenda del Valle de los Pedroches
Legend has it that there was a time when an immense sea of holm oaks extended beyond the horizon,
Where the ancient Celtic and Iberian people would wait for the sun to come up, worshiping the oldest holm oak that they considered to be sacred, as it gifted them its precious fruit, the acorn, a symbol of abundance and prosperity.
Unión del valle
Silently, the Dehesa watches as the traces of these ancestral cultures disappear to time, as if unscathed, while the legend lives on with the magical ritual of planting new holm oaks as a symbol of good fortune and plenty and of the connection of those ancient peoples with this land, the Valley of Los Pedroches.


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